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Forest school sessions are child-centred and take into account the learners interest which helps promote the holistic development of children. With no set outcome, all children have the ability to be as creative as they wish helping to build confident and independent individuals.

Observing Flowers

Forest School leaders come to each session with open ended activities which provide ample opportunities for the children to explore, manage risk and reflect for themselves.

Activities could include shelter building, tool use, fire building, rope work, cooking on an open fire, natural art, playing games and much more.

Observing Flowers

Forest School is not a one off opportunity for children to be outdoors so is a different experience to our outdoor learning workshops. It should be for a minimum of six weeks with the same group of children for a two hour session each week. The children are given time to learn and try out various skills and have an opportunity to develop skills further when they return the following week - if they want to of course!

Year 4 Child

“I cant believe it! Last week it nearly took me 100 times to light using the flint and steel and I just did it in 20 goes this time! Next week, it might only take me 5. Please can I try again?”

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